The Z Lab is a private practice with two locations providing Neurofeedback in South Florida and San Francisco Bay Area, California. We are committed to providing guidance personalized for children and adults including academics or executives and athletes in elite or professional sports to improve focus, attention, memory, cognitive function and sleep, as well as to reduce stress and anxiety.   We ensure an individualized learning platform for gaining optimal levels in various facets of life with the use of EEG Neurofeedback to learn techniques to self-regulate your brain function and improve your overall quality of life.N

The Z Lab

About the Doctor

Dr. Lilliann Zamora began training in NeuroBioFeedback 25 years ago in San Francisco, CA.  Migraines, sleep disorders, attention and focus, as well as anxiety and mood disorders were areas in which she gained experience in functional and interactive therapy with the use of physiograph feedback from Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Electromyograms (EMG) for muscle tension.  Dr. Zamora also trained at the Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory at the neurology clinic of University of Geneva Hospital in Switzerland. There she worked with pharmaco-resistant epileptic patients for pre-surgical evaluations.  Evaluations included implanted subdural or intracranial electrodes placed on or in the brain, respectively.  She also worked with a control population (non-epileptic patients) in clinical research studies including spatial recognition, attention and focus, and memory.  Dr. Zamora attained both her Master of Science and Doctoral degrees at University of Miami in biology with a focus in neuroscience.  

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